It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas


Fringe as you stitch? Corded Fringe


kitchen fabric

Kitchen kloth in heavy single crochet

Re-orienting a bit

Absolutely Fabulous

Books and Big Gauges, Part 2

In the Thick -- and Thin -- of it

Books and Big Gauges, part 1

Continuous Granny, part 2

In praise of coils and afghans

More Notes on Gauge

Vagaries of gauge

Quick Tip

Stripes and Crochet

In praise of the Feather & Fan -- and Stitch Markers

And Finally...

Getting Stranded can be a good thing

Color Blind


Building on the good news

There's good news, and there's bad news...

More about Foundation Stitches

The Purse

Wrapping up the Spot Purse

Felting, part 2


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