Continuous Granny, part 2

The beginning of the continuous granny looked like a weird mutation in the last blog, but that was just a beginning. As you can see from the picture on the right, it still looks a bit weird after a few rounds.

An asymmetric version of something that is normally symmetrical always takes a bit of getting used to.

Now, the point of this exercise is to make a whole afghan from one granny square, so I would normally be going around and around for a really long time -- about an afghan's worth. So stopping after just a few rounds to show what it looks like rather defeats the purpose. But I wanted to address how to end the thing. What I do is finish off after turning a corner and making a few slip stitches to blend the end into the current row line.

Then, to finish the edge, work a round of some edging -- like a shell stitch, as shown above.

Now, I've known some people who really liked this idea, but at the same time, it may seem really strange to other people. It seemed worth sharing.