Needlework Round-Up: Fourth Quarter and 2023 in Review

Now that we're embarking on 2024, it's time to look back at what happened at Stitchwhisper Designs last year. Here are the goals that I set for myself for the fourth quarter of 2023:

  • Finish my legwarmers
  • Publish the final for sale pattern for the year
  • Create at least one more video tutorial.  This one will be about foundation stitches for pattern stitches that you find in some of our patterns.
  • Publish at least two free patterns. One of those is just a matter of turning an existing free pattern on this blog into a pdf.
  • Make at least nine more dishcloths to donate.
  • Make about 15 more bonding squares and send them off.
  • Donate my stack of baby blankets
  • Send off the rest of my donation pile for the year.
  • Start on a set of coasters for my house.
  • Make a list of planned publications for next year.

  • I did finish my legwarmers, although I still need to tuck in the loose ends. It was a fun and easy pattern, and I'm looking forward to wearing my legwarmers as winter continues. I should have new pics of the finished product soon.

    My final pattern to put up for sale last year was the Double Breasted Toddler Jacket.  I'm very pleased with how it came out.  The sample of the largest size was for my 3yo, and he loves it.

    I also published eleven other for sale patterns in 2023: Classic Crocheted Mittens, the Cabled Snake Scarf, the Round Waffle Stitch Baby Blanket (which is by far the most popular Stitchwhisper Designs pattern!), Log Cabin Mitered Mittens, the Folded Eyelet Cowl, the Scalloped V Baby Blanket, the Felted Watch Cap, Impish Delights, Octagonal Baby Romper, the Bottoms Up Waffle Stitch Hat, and the Tree of Life Mitts.


    We also introduced some fun merch last year, and we plan for there to be more in 2024.

    I never did get around to making the next foundation stitch video.  Recording simply isn't one of my favorite things to do, so I tend to procrastinate on it. But I did make a tutorial on basic foundation stitches back in July.

    I did, however, put out the planned final two free patterns for 2023.  Five More Kitchen Kloths and the improved Art Nouveau Bookmark are both free downloads.

    The other free patterns published in 2023 were the Basic S2S Hat, Basic Top-Down Hat, and the Easy Diagonal Scarf, which are all republications of patterns Practical Crocheter posted here in the past; the Textured Scarf; the Big Gauge Stole; and the Pinstripe Hat.

    I did finish my planned donations for the year and sent them off.  I donated a total of 24 dishcloths, along with bottles of dish soap, before Thanksgiving.  I also sent off 50 bonding squares to Today is a Good Day, 40 items to the White Buffalo Calf Women's Society, and 16 items to my local maternity home. Many of the items donated were samples from patterns I've published, and a few were items I made over the past couple of years and had decided not to keep.

    I did not start on the coaster set I had planned, so that's one of my goals for 2024, but I did make my list of patterns to publish this year. In addition to my goals for the fourth quarter, I did play around with the Hexagon Sweater concept and the Elizabeth Zimmerman Hexagon Baby Booties, and I plan to do more with both concepts in the future. 

    Without further ado, here are my stitching and Stitchwhisper goals for 2024: 
    1. Publish 12 new patterns for sale in the Etsy Shop (6 knitted, and 6 crocheted, as usual).
    2. Publish 2 new video tutorials.
    3. Continue editing free patterns from this blog into downloadable pdfs.
    4. Create more fun merch for the Etsy Shop.
    5. Make a set of coasters for my home
    6. Make a twin size blanket for my 3yo.
    7. Make another Pentagranny Baby Blanket
    8. Make the Frida beret to go with my lace gloves
    9. Make crocheted fruits and garlands to add to my Sukkot decorations
    10. Make the Cabriole baby cardigan for charity
    11. Continue weekly charity stitching
    Do you have any stitching goals for this year?

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