New Video! Basic Foundation Stitch Tutorial

Foundation stitches are a wonderful way to avoid all the drawbacks of a foundation chain.  They are elastic, easy to work into, and get your foundation and first row done simultaneously. Practical Crocheter has written a couple posts on this blog with good written instructions for various foundation stitches (here and here), but sometimes a demonstration can be helpful.

This video contains instructions for foundation double, half double, and single crochet (fdc, fhdc, and fsc, respectively). I've started with foundation double crochet, because I think it's the easiest to see, and once you have the hang of that one, they others are pretty easy.

I apologize in advance if the audio isn't as good as my previous video.  This one was only recorded on my phone and not with a separate microphone.

Several of our patterns use foundation stitches, if you are interested in those, here are the links:


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