Needlework Update: Second Quarter

Here's how I did with my goals from last quarter:

I finished the Momentous Occasion Doily! It only took me a decade, but I finally finished it!!! (ahem, except for blocking, but whatever)

I did not finish my new sweater, but I did finish the body.  Now, I just have to do the sleeves and the border. I might do the border in a contrasting color, but I haven't decided yet.
  • Publish four more patterns.  Normally, I would set the goal at one pattern per month, but two of the patterns I have planned are pretty quick and easy.
The patterns I published last quarter are the Scalloped V Baby Blanket, a Felted Watch Cap, the Impish Delights baby hat and socks set, and the Octagonal Romper. The baby blanket and romper patterns weren't part of my original plans for this year, but plans sometimes change when inspiration strikes.

  • Record two videos. One is a generic instructional video, and one is specific to a pattern.  Both will be for crochet.
After a comedy of errors, I recorded one video.  I should have that up in a week or two.  It's an instructional video on foundation stitches for single, half double, and double crochet.  Practical Crocheter has written multiple posts on foundation stitches (here, here, and here), but sometimes a demonstration is helpful.

The first time I went to record, the public space I use was busier than anticipated.  The second time, I forgot the mic.  The third time, I discovered that the mic, while compatible with my husband's phone, is not compatible with mine.  I finally got the video made, and now my son (14) is in the process of editing it for publication. 

The other video I had intended to do was a demonstration of foundation pattern stitches, specifically, the ones used in the Folded Eyelet Cowl and Symmetry Scarf patterns. Hopefully, I'll get to that in the third quarter. 
  • Publish at least one free pattern.
I published not one, but three free patterns.  The Easy Diagonal Scarf and the Basic Top-Down Hat were already on this blog and turned them into printables.  The Textured Scarf was based on a pattern stitch I found online and played around with.

Going forward, I want to put out at least one more free pattern this quarter. Practical Crocheter and I (mostly Practical Crocheter) have posted several patterns on this blog over the years, and one of my larger goals is to get all of those patterns edited, re-photographed, and put on pdf files.

  • Start some socks for myself.
I didn't do this one, and really, my higher priority is to make myself some legwarmers for this winter. So this goal has changed. When I do eventually get to this project I plan to use the Horseshoe Lace Legwarmers pattern, which I found on Ravelry.

  • Swatching!  I have a few ideas I want to play around with.  I've started swatching one of them, and we'll see how it goes.
I did do a little of the swatching I had in mind, but I by no means finished it. We'll see if I get further on it next quarter. One of the swatches I did led me to playing around with treble crochet, and I made a little shrug. It's very much a prototype, but I like it, and I think this will be one of our new patterns next year.

The swatches I haven't done yet involve playing with certain geometric concepts.

  • Continue weekly charity stitching. 
I sent off 60 bonding squares to Today Is a Good Day.  Getting them all collected was a little complicated, because one of my cats kept disappearing the squares.  However, I finally got 60 clean squares in the same place, at the same time, so I sent those off before anything else could happen to them.

Once that project was done, I started on the Pentagranny Baby Blanket.  I've enjoyed this project, and the construction is fun, but I haven't done any charity stitching for the last few weeks. This blanket is part of a whole stack of baby blankets I'll be donating to my local crisis pregnancy center at the end of the year. 

Goals for the third quarter:
  1. Publish both foundation stitch videos, the first one being the one I already recorded.
  2. Finish my sweater.
  3. Finish the Pentagranny blanket.
  4. Start a pair of legwarmers.
  5. Publish two more patterns.
  6. Publish at least one free pattern.
  7. Continue charity stitching.
  8. Add at least one new product to the Stitch Whisper Etsy shop.

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