Needlework Update: First Quarter

These are the goals I laid out for myself for 2023 in my year-end roundup for 2022.

  1. Finish the Become A Dragonfly Blanket and continue weekly charity stitching
  2. Publish another dozen patterns, some knit and some crochet, and I'm hoping that some of those will be in conjunction with Rancho Inca Alpaca.
  3. Do more instructional videos.  I'm really happy with how the first came out, and I have a bunch of videos I've been procrastinating making.  It's time to get it done.
  4. Make a Denna Square and a Stuffed Pteradactyl for my 4yo's birthday at the end of the month.
  5. I've said this for a few years now, but I really want to finish the Momentous Occasion Doily this year.
  6. Make more socks for myself (also carried over from last year), and some leg warmers I've been thinking about for a while.
  7. Mittens for my 9yo, in red, as requested. 
  8. A few free patterns
I'm actually really pleased with the progress I've made on these goals in the first quarter of 2023. I have finally, FINALLY picked up the Momentous Occasion Doily again.  I admitted to myself that I'm not going to go dig through boxes in my basement to find the pattern, and I broke down and bought a digital copy of it. Then I pulled out the project, found my place in it, figured out a hook that would work with the established gauge, and put a few rounds on it.

At long last, finish the Become a Dragonfly Blanket.  Since it started out as a stash busting project, I wasn't too sure about how the finished product would look, but I'm actually very happy with how it turned out. Become a Dragonfly was a very well written pattern, complete with photos, a chart, and detailed instructions for specialized stitches.  I definitely recommend it to anyone who is good at pattern reading.

As for other charity stitching, most of the pattern samples and prototypes I've made so far this year have gone in my donation bag, along with the temperature baby blanket that I posted about in January. Right now, that bag contains four completed baby blankets, four hats, two scarves, one cowl, six bonding "squares," and three pairs of mittens (the items in that list that aren't pictured below are pictured elsewhere in this post).

I haven't done anything else with Rancho Inca Alpaca yet, but I have published five (5!) of my planned dozen patterns for the year. In January, I published a knitted Cabled Snake Scarf pattern that is fast, easy, and whimsical and a pattern for sensible Classic Crocheted Mittens. In February, I published the Round Waffle Stitch Baby Blanket, which has been extremely popular.  Finally, in March, I published a pattern for Log Cabin Mitered Mittens (knitted) and the crocheted Folded Eyelet Cowl based on the offset cowl concept that I posted about. If you're curious what I have up my sleeve for my next pattern, it's knitted and felted.  I also have a few ideas in the works for expanding the products offered through the Stitch Whisper Designs Etsy Shop, although I don't have a timetable for when that expansion will begin. Stay tuned.

I have not done any instructional videos yet this year.  My current excuse is that I can't find my mic, but really, recording is a littler nerve wracking, so I'm not as motivated as I could be. That said, I do want to get on that. I have six videos planned for this year, but that might be a bit on the ambitious side.

I did make the pteradactyl and the round part of the Denna Square for my son's fifth birthday.  Both were big hits.  The pteradactyl pattern was detailed and well written.  The short row technique it uses for the shaping was a new one to me, so that was a fun learning experience.  Stuffed critters are definitely out of my needlework comfort zone, which made this project a really good stretch!

While I have not started on any socks or leg warmers yet this year, I have started making a sweater for myself.  I haven't made myself a sweater in AGES, and it feels good to be working on one again. It's a S2S, crocheted sweater, in a DK weight cotton blend, and I've made most of the back.  This is a method that I've used a lot over the years for sweater making, although I have yet to decide whether it's a cardigan or pullover or what kind of neckline I want.

I did make the red mittens for my now-10yo, and he loves them.  Ad-libbing those was how I designed the Log Cabin Mitered Mittens. While I was at it, I also made smaller pairs for my daughter and my 5yo son.


I've only released one free pattern so far this year.  There are several free patterns on this blog, and I'm slowly but surely editing them, taking new photographs, and republishing them as pdfs to download.  The Basic S2S Crocheted Hat is one of those patterns.  It was originally posted by Practical Crocheter several years ago along with a top-down hat pattern in the same post.  I have also edited that pattern, but I still need to take new photos for it, so that one should be up soon!

Going forward, here are my goals for the second quarter of the year:
  1. Finish the Momentous Occasion Doily OR finish my new sweater. 
  2. Publish four more patterns.  Normally, I would set the goal at one pattern per month, but two of the patterns I have planned are pretty quick and easy.
  3. Record two videos. One is a generic instructional video, and one is specific to a pattern.  Both will be for crochet.
  4. Publish at least one free pattern.
  5. Start some socks for myself.
  6. Swatching!  I have a few ideas I want to play around with.  I've started swatching one of them, and we'll see how it goes.
  7. Continue weekly charity stitching. I've bookmarked a few fun looking patterns on Ravelry that I'd like to make and donate.

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