Needlework Update: 2022 in Review

Happy 2023! At the end of the third quarter of 2022, I set the following end-of-year goals:

  • Finish and publish four new patterns, including two baby sweaters and two scarves.
  • Finish the Become a Dragonfly baby blanket and ten soap sacks for SACK. The baby blanket, along with some other things I made this year will be sent off to the women's shelter at Pine Ridge.
  • In terms of personal projects, my oldest son needs a winter hat. I've also promised to make my 4yo a Denna Square for him to use as an X to "mark the spot" when he plays in the back yard. My 9yo has requested new gloves, but I might not get to those for a while.

  • I did publish four more patterns before the end of the year, including two baby sweaters and one of the planned scarves.  The fourth pattern wound up being a crocheted hat pattern from Practical Crocheter, and I published it just a few days ago. I published the Hat With Sleeves Sweater, the Easy Surplice Baby Sweater, the Symmetry Scarf, and the Heavy Single Crochet Watch Cap.

    I did not finish the Become a Dragonfly Blanket, as I did not buy more yarn for the project in time.  However, I am working on that project again, so it will go in the 2023 donation box.  Ten soap sacks turned into 13, and I did donate those to my local shelter, as planned. I also made a gazillion (32) bonding squares for Today Is A Good Day, and sent them off to be distributed to a participating NICU. Going in the 2022 donation box (picture below), I made a few hats and pairs of baby booties.


    I removed the hat for my oldest from my knitting list, as my husband bought him a fun hat on a recent trip, and when they returned home, my son found a hat I made him a couple years ago.  It had gotten buried under everyone else's hats, scarves, and gloves. I have yet to make the Denna Square for my 4yo (or the stuffed pteradactyl he also requested several months ago), but they are in the pipeline for his upcoming birthday. I also have not made new gloves for my 9yo, which is good, since he decided he actually wants mittens.  I need to buy the yarn for those.

    In addition to the patterns I've been working on, I made another baby blanket for the 2023 charity box.  This one is a temperature blanket, and I'll be posting about that soon. The second scarf I had planned to publish as a pattern in December got pushed off to this month, and I've been working on samples, so that's another thing you'll see more of later this month. I made a pair of thick, wool socks for myself so I could provide pictures for my Sock Math post, and I made something lacy as a gift for a friend.


    Another project I worked on in December was a pair of crocheted mittens.  I've made a few pairs of crocheted mittens over the years and looked at even more patterns.  Honestly, I haven't seen many I liked.  They often look clunky or uncomfortable or they don't drape right, and I wanted to see if I could come up with something I like better.  I can, and I did. That's another thing I'll write more about later.

    Moving on to goals for 2023, I want to:
    1. Finish the Become A Butterfly Blanket and continue weekly charity stitching
    2. Publish another dozen patterns, some knit and some crochet, and I'm hoping that some of those will be in conjunction with Rancho Inca Alpaca.
    3. Do more instructional videos.  I'm really happy with how the first came out, and I have a bunch of videos I've been procrastinating making.  It's time to get it done.
    4. Make a Denna Square and a Stuffed Pteradactyl for my 4yo's birthday at the end of the month.
    5. I've said this for a few years now, but I really want to finish the Momentous Occasion Doily this year.
    6. Make more socks for myself (also carried over from last year), and some leg warmers I've been thinking about for a while.
    7. Mittens for my 9yo, in red, as requested. 
    8. A few free patterns
    I'm optimistic I'll be able to achieve these goals more easily than last year's, since I won't be working on a king sized blanket this year.

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