Crochet Thanksgiving

Jumping into the holiday season, with so much Stuff going on in the world, in the country, in the community, I wonder sometimes, just a little, how I can be wasting my time stitching.  Wise quotes circulate about how important it is to protest the wrongs of the world, the importance of standing up for people (and creatures and the environment) suffering from abuse.

Of course, "abuse" can be hugely provocative.  The idea seems to be about manipulative, controlling behavior that just doesn't work, in the long run, with lots of collateral damage that is going to have to be cleaned up.

Off to one side, someone (was it Francis of Assisi?) encourages us to preach the gospel always, using words only when absolutely necessary.

Of course, "preach the gospel" can be hugely provocative.  The idea seems to be to live as an example of what works, owning the collateral damage, and, better yet, choosing to act in a way that prevents the damage to begin with.

An intriguing idea:  that words aren't always the way to go - for so many reasons.  Then the little voice reminds me:  that's why I crochet.

With so much abundance in our world, it is wonderful that we have the choice to work/play with craft, collecting and following instructions or exploring our relationship with the material - either way, spending time being in touch with what our hands can do, with the space around us, with meeting local needs, with calming and focusing our minds.  Doing good stuff.  No collateral damage.  Healing.

It's all good.  Happy Thanksgiving.