When I worked in a yarn shop, there was a young mom who came in occasionally to buy yarn and a pattern.  She always made something for her little daughter.  There was one visit that was longer than usual, because we had difficulty finding the pattern she wanted:  a child's vest.

She wanted to make a pullover sweater vest for her little girl to wear to preschool.  The lady explained that she had recently discovered what a practical garment vests are for small children.  In the fall and winter, children need a sweater or some such to keep them warm as they play or work outside, but play and "work" (for a preschooler) are messy propositions.  Children have difficulty rolling up their sleeves effectively, and playing in dirt or doing finger-painting are recipes for messy sleeves.  This lady's practical solution was to have her daughter wear a vest to school.

She had been able to find a couple vests at the store, but such garments are not particularly fashionable, especially for girls.  Naturally, she turned to making a few vests herself--if she could find a pattern.  We did, eventually, find a suitable pattern, and she went home happy.  But the practicality of this customer's thought stuck with me, and I tucked the idea away in my mind for the future.

This fall, I'm making vests for my boys.  I've finished one for DS1, and he loves it.  I'll start one for DS2 in a few days.

In the meantime, if you're looking for something to make for a little person, give a vest a try.  It's practical and easy, and it's a lot faster than making a full sweater.