Gift tip

As indicated in my previous post, I am expecting a new addition to my family this month. Not surprisingly, I've been making lots of clothes for the little guy, and it's reminded me of a common problem I encountered when I work in a yarn store.

Ladies would come in needing to make something for a baby shower, but the expectant mother had elected not to learn the baby's sex in advance. It's become expected in this culture that the mother will learn the baby's sex via ultrasound, allowing her loved ones to buy/make gender specific gifts. In fact, many of the women I encountered were actually angry at the expectant mother for not learning the baby's sex.

I have opted not to find out my baby's sex until it is born, which can pose some difficulties in making things for the baby. So here are some tips for gender-neutral gifts:

  • White, green, and yellow are traditional gender neutral baby colors.

  • Primary colors and "adult" colors (colors that are traditionally too dark for babies) can also be gender neutral.

  • Stuffed animals are gender neutral.

  • Rather than choosing a sweater pattern that is a cardigan, choose a boat neck pattern that buttons over one or both shoulders, so that you don't have to guess which side of the placket the buttons go on. These sweaters can also be easier to put on baby.

Hope this helps.