Re-orienting a bit

Time flies when stuff happens. Job, moving, more moving, and barely time to knit or crochet at all, let alone write about it. And suddenly it's been a month and a half since the last entry.

It is really a comfort to settle into a place where I can see how much yarn I really have -- this may be frightening to those around me, but they get used to it ... eventually.

With the turmoil in the economy, let alone the environment, I feel extra incentive to focus on my stitching. Low tech has so many advantages:
  • as a way to make useful things without using fossil fuels (aside from having driven to the store some years ago to buy the yarn),
  • as a way of slowing down long enough to relax a bit and think about stuff,
  • as a way of keeping my hands busy long enough so my mouth can think about what it's saying,
  • as a way of focusing my brain on a single, solvable puzzle to de-fuzz my thinking.

So much of what I see around me is crisis-oriented. True, we may be living in a time of crisis (between regional conflicts, the economy, and the environment), but I wonder how much of the crisis mentality has to be promoted by the media in order to get market share. So I turn the tv off and stitch in another room.

As I head into the holiday season (already!?) I feel resolved to step away from the whirlwind so I can get a few things done and have something real to offer.