Top 10 Posts of 2023

Thank you to all of our readers and customers for making 2023 a great year for Stitch Whisper Designs! Looking back over the last twelve months, these were our ten most popular posts on this blog, with the most popular at the bottom.

Here's to another great year of happy stitching!

  • Big Gauge Stole (Free Knitting Pattern)
    • This is a free pattern for a knitted stole worked on size 17 needles.  I love how stranding mohair with a smooth yarn can really bring out the colors of the mohair, along with giving the fabric some heft.  This stole is trapezoidal in shape and worked in seed stitch.
  • Revisiting a Basic Crocheted Sock
    • The basic crocheted sock is one of Practical Crocheter's most popular patterns. Rather than just flat-out translating knitted socks into crochet, this pattern works with crochet's strengths to bypass some of the downsides found in other crocheted sock patterns.  
  • Textured Scarf (Free Crochet Pattern)
    • I found a fun looking pattern stitch on another blog and played around with it.  This pattern uses a variation on that stitch and makes a quick and practical, unisex scarf.
  • Knitted Kids Mittens and Fingerless Gloves (Free Pattern) 
    • I made these mitts for my younger kids a couple winters ago.  They worked up so easily that I went ahead and made them into a free pattern. The mitts are made using US size 9 needles, fit young children (up to about age 6), and instructions are included for both fingerless gloves and full mittens.   
  • Splitting Yarn
    • This post is by far the most popular post on the Stitch Whisper blog. Knowing how to split thick yarns into thinner yarns is a really useful skill, especially for crocheters.

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