Afghan Squares! {Pattern Reviews}

I've been working on making squares for a king size afghan for a few months now, and I thought I'd share the patterns I'm using. The afghan will have 56 squares arranged in a 7x8 rectangle.  I've selected 14 square patterns through Ravelry's pattern database, and I'm making 4 of each design.  The blanket uses 4 colors, so I'm making all 14 squares in each color.  All the patterns are intended for using multiple colors, but I'm only using one color per square. 

All the links for patterns that require download are to their Ravelry pages.  Patterns that are available directly on a blog are linked to that page. All the squares are intended to measure about 12 inches square when worked in worsted weight yarn.  When I make them, they tend closer to 13 inches square, and the stitches are dense enough that I wouldn't want to try a tighter gauge.

  1. Lise by Polly Plum Designs--I really like this pattern.  It's fun to make and keeps my mind occupied without being difficult. It also looks just as good in one color as it looks in several. 
  2. Harriett Square by Caroline Christmas Designs--This square is easy to do and pretty, but it has far too many increases early in the pattern, and the later rows don't balance out enough of those increases to convince the square to lie flat. 
  3. Denna by Polly Plum Designs--This is a fun pattern that works up quickly.  You can't see it in the pictures that use multiple colors, but this design is actually like a solid version of a traditional pineapple pattern, with single crochet instead of the net stitch part of the pineapple.  That aspect of the design shows up when you only use one color.  My 4yo wants me to make this square in red so that he can use it in the back yard as the treasure-marking X when he plays pirate. 
  4. Spiro Star by Helen Shrimpton--I love this pattern.  It requires some paying attention, but the instructions are clear with excellent photographs to clarify the written directions. It doesn't quite like flat, but it's a lot of fun to make.
  5. Perfectly Provincial Square by Kirsten Holloway--This square is pretty, interesting to make, and has a lot going on in it.  While I enjoyed making it, it comes out a lot bulkier than it looks in the pattern photos. It doesn't ruffle, but all the texture makes it not want to lay flat.  It also looks better in multiple colors than in one. 
  6. Madux-James Square by Pam Knighton-Haener--Madux-James is a fun square to make and the instructions are well written.  I've posted before about some fun techniques I've learned from this pattern. My husband says this pattern reminds him of ripples in a pond.
  7. Floral Dimension Afghan Square by Laurie Dale--Floral Dimension is actually a lot lacier than it looks in the pattern pictures.  I really enjoyed making this pattern, and the result in just one color is really elegant, while still being more subtle than a lot of the other squares.  It works up pretty quickly, too. Like Madux-James, this pattern also uses some interesting techniques I hadn't encountered before. 
  8. Fan Dance by Polly Plum Designs--This is another one that's lacier than it looks like in the pattern pictures, but it's still a fun pattern that I enjoyed doing, and it comes out really nicely in one color. 
  9. Popcornucopia Square by Laurie Dale--This is a nice pattern, but all the geometric aspects of it are kind of lost when you only use one color.  Making the square without stripes, the popcorns become the only focal point. 
  10. Hera Afghan Square by Diana Krenz--I love this pattern!  It's not difficult, but it doesn't get boring either, and the pattern is well written. The way it transitions from a circle to a square is really clever in its simplicity.
  11. Casablanca 12" Square by Maria Bittner--This is a fun pattern.  It's more solid than a lot of the other squares I chose, but the texture isn't overdone, and I really like how it turned out. This pattern is available for sale as a pdf, but you can use the pattern for free on Ms. Bittner's blog, Pattern Paradise, which is where the link goes. 
  12. My April Fool Afghan Square by Melinda Miller--My April Fool is really fun to make, and Ms. Miller has an eye for detail.  She creates curved lines in this square by working different height stitches in one rund and then working them all in the back loop in the next.  Like Casablanca, this pattern is available for sale as a pdf or for free through the blog Mo Crochet Makes. 
  13. Kinnedy Nichelle Square by Pam Knighton-Haener--I really like this square, and working it in one color really brings out the geometry and texture of it.  That said, part of my brain looks at it and sees 1970's linoleum that was intended to look like Spanish tile. I still think it's a beautiful square, though. 
  14. Autumn Radiance Sunflower Square by Kirsten Holloway--This square is available for sale as a pdf or for free through the Kirsten Holloway Designs blog. It has a lot going on, but Autumn Radiance is a lot of fun to make. Unlike the Perfectly Provincial Square, it isn't too bulky, and it lays flat very nicely. This square is one of my favorites.


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