Quick Gift

I know, broomstick lace got a bad rap in the 1970's, when it was combined with worsted weight acrylic in garish colors. For example:

But it doesn't have to be that way. Broomstick lace, when used with crochet cotton makes a quick, easy, and lovely lace:

It also makes a simple, sort of Art Deco edging. As a quick and easy gift, it makes an excellent bookmark.

Use size 5 crochet cotton and a hook to match, and make a chain that's about 7 inches long and a multiple of 5 (60 or 65 work well). Work one row of single crochet. Then, using a size 13 knitting needle, draw up a loop in each stitch across. Inserting your hook into 5 loops at a time, work 5 single crochets into each set of loops across. You'll end up with the same number of stitches you started with. Then work in crab stitch around the whole thing. To make the bookmark look really finished, weave a piece of half-inch ribbon through the lace.


River Glorious said…
Broomstick lace as an edging? I think I'll try it. Thank you for sharing those instructions.