Free Pattern! Art Nouveau Bookmark (Crochet)

I know, broomstick lace got a bad rap in the 1970's, when it was combined with worsted weight acrylic and garish colors. But it doesn't have to be that way. Broomstick lace, when used with crochet cotton makes a quick, easy, and lovely lace:

It also makes a simple, sort of Art Nouveay edging. As a quick and easy gift, it makes an excellent bookmark that works up very quickly, is perfect for just about any occasion, and can even be used in place of a bow on a larger gift.

I originally wrote this post in 2009, based on bookmarks I started making as a teen.  Well, I finally got around it writing it up as a formal pattern and improving on the design a bit. So here, ready for download, is a free pdf of the new and improved broomstick lace Art Nouveau Bookmark.  Enjoy!

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River Glorious said…
Broomstick lace as an edging? I think I'll try it. Thank you for sharing those instructions.