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Easy Surplice Baby Sweater

This cute surplice cardigan pattern is an elegant introduction to side-to-side garment construction for the advanced beginner.


Hat With Sleeves Sweater

This sweater pattern is a wonderful project for the advanced beginner (that means, if you are comfortable making hats), a great first sweater, and an introduction to one-piece construction. Once you understand this pattern, you can make any number of variations on it.


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Symmetry Scarf

This lovely scarf is a wonderful example of how beautiful crochet is in lace weight mohair, and it feels like cloud! While the pattern itself is fairly simple and works up quickly, both halves of the scarf look the same because they are worked from the center out.  To start the scarf, you work a row of foundation shell stitch, and the pattern includes a photo tutorial on how to do foundation shell stitch.  After the first half of the scarf is complete, you go back and begin the second half by working into the bottom of the foundation row.


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Garden Lattice Baby Blanket

This Corner-to-Corner baby blanket is made using a variation on classic Crazy Stitch that I like to call Open Crazy Stitch. While this pattern is more open than a crazy stitch blanket, the eyelets create a texture similar to that of a granny square blanket. Made with chunky yarn and a size K hook, this is a fast project that can be completed in a weekend, making it an ideal baby shower gift or charity stitching project. For a more gender-neutral look, choose different colors than pictured and omit the roses on the corners.


Woven Mesh Crocheted Cowl

This cowl is fun to make and feels good to wear. I love woven mesh stitch, because it is visually interesting without overwhelming the yarn, and it is textured and squishy without being heavy. The pattern is worked in the round, working out from the center. There is no hard chain edge, because the work begins with foundation double crochet. The overall texture of the mesh is broken up with stripes of double crochet and light crab stitch, including a round of light knurling around the middle.

This pattern is now available from Rancho Inca Alpaca.

Ocean Waves Cowl

This knitted cowl pattern uses a vintage edging pattern as the basis for the pattern stitch.  I used a picoted cast-on to emphasize the scalloped bottom edge, and I added some weight and drape to the top edge, as well as avoiding a hard bind-off, by using a cabled bind-off. The resulting cowl, which is lacy without being to open or impractical, reminds me of the surf on the Pacific coast.

This pattern is now available from Rancho Inca Alpaca

Random Stitch Crescent Scarf

This beautiful crescent scarf plays with the use of prime numbers, rows that are not an even number of pattern repeats, and a repeat that continues beyond the end of each row to create the illusion of a random combination of stitches.  It is worked starting at the back of the neck, increasing outward to create a slightly ruffled crescent shape. The overall effect is dressy, elegant, and almost floral, while still being abstract. Despite its fancy appearance, this scarf is very forgiving to make, as the loose gauge hides a multitude of sins, and stitch “errors” simply contribute to the apparently random stitch placement.


Endless Coil Baby Blanket

This is a simple, practical, unisex baby blanket pattern.  Made in worsted weight yarn, it works up quickly, but with enough going on to keep the stitching from being boring.


 Woven Waves Hat


This faux cable hat uses a simple knit and purl pattern to create the illusion of cables. It's a quick knit that has enough variety to stay fun from start to finish. Use thicker or thinner yarn to change the size of the hat.


Hooded Scarf


A cozy, quick knit, this hooded scarf is shaped a little differently from your average hooded scarf pattern. It has a more modern look and is easier to make than its companion, the Enchanted Shawl.  Most hooded scarf patterns involve making an extra long scarf, folding it in half, and sewing a seam along a segment of the fold, which creates a weak and uncomfortable point at the back of the neck.  This pattern avoids both drawbacks.  Enjoy!


Girl's Chevron Cloche

This charming cloche starts with a granny square on the crown and uses chevron stitch for the body and brim. It’s fast to make without being boring--a quick project for an intermediate crocheter. Use different gauges (worsted or DK) to make a hat for a child or baby.


Kid's Upside Down Hat

This simple watch cap is a fast knit, using chunky yarn and big needles. What sets it apart from other hats, though, is that it is made from the top down, much like hats are usually made in crochet. It’s simple and fun to make, and easy to adjust for length.


Toddler Sweater to Crochet

This sweater is a basic concept, with very little shaping. You can vary the amount and type of yarn, the hook, and the stitch to make a basic pullover sweater.  This pattern makes a size 2T sweater, and the buttons at the shoulder are good for small children.  The instructions also provide the opportunity to substitute whatever gauge and measurements you like, so you can make similar sweaters in other yarns and sizes.


Easy Peasy Baby Sweater

This basic, unisex, boatneck baby sweater pattern is fast and easy to make, with little shaping.  What sets it apart from other sweater patterns is that the sleeves are worked from the shoulder down, not from the cuff up, and they are worked directly from the body of the sweater, meaning that you do not sew the sleeves to the body during finishing.


Boogie Baby Booties

This baby bootie pattern uses the smallest number of stitches you can use to make socks (albeit without short rows for the heel shaping). They are incredibly fast and easy to make and a fun introduction to the world of sock knitting. 


Pixie Slipper Pattern Booklet

This collection of five crochet patterns progresses from the classic pixie slipper pattern through a variety of techniques and design modifications, illustrating the design process and how to make crochet more practical.


 Girl's Crocheted Cardigan

This charming sweater (girl's US size 5) is both feminine and practical, demonstrating a variety of innovative techniques for crocheted garment construction.


 Easy Felted Purse

This purse is a great beginner knitting project and a perfect first project for felting.
 Child's Shell Sampler Scarf

This pint-sized scarf pattern is fun to crochet and easy to adapt to an adult size.

Enchanted Shawl
This elegant shawl pattern is both simple to make and fun to wear.
 Monster Socks

Monster Socks are a fun-to-make, whimsical sock pattern with details that help them stay on small feet.