New Pattern! S2S Cabled Hat (Crochet)

The side-to-side hat is a classic crochet pattern.  It is worked in rows, with shorter stitches at the top to create the crown shaping.  Usually, the hat is worked in the back loop only, to create a more elastic, ribbed effect, and sometimes the shaping at the top is made using a combination of shorter stitches and short rows.

This adult-sized hat uses that concept, but with fancier stitches, to make a prettier hat.  I’ve used a combination of shorter stitches and short rows on the top for the crown shaping.  Worked in DK weight yarn, the body of the hat is made using shell stitch, and the brim features a cable braid on a half double crochet background and a cable twist on the edge. I’ve also created a line of clusters to form a fold line for the brim.  The seam on the back of the hat is not invisible, but it is crocheted, meaning that the only sewn part of the hat closes the hole at the top, and you don’t cut your yarn until you are ready to finish the project.


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