Drop-preventing a 2-strap bag

Have you ever grabbed a bag with two straps, thinking you had both straps – and the whole thing slipped out of your hand and dropped, because you actually had only both sides of one strap? 

Clearly, this isn’t as bad as a real problem, but it IS frustrating, because what happens is that the bag drops, and that’s what I DIDN’T want to have happen.  And I was going for two straps because I knew that if I grabbed only one strap, the bag would dump, also not desirable.

While I can’t fix this in bags other people make, I can prevent it in bags I make.

The thing to do is to cross the straps, like an X, so each strap attaches on opposite sides of the bag, like this:

That way, even if I grab only one strap, the bag won’t dump. 

Caution:  This isn’t a good solution for short straps.  Each strap needs to be long enough so it is out of the way when you’re going through your bag.  Short straps would just get in the way.

Companies that make bags wouldn’t design them this way because it looks weird – but it sure is useful.  

That’s the great thing about making the stuff I use:  I can add design elements that make sense in my life.  Even if I'm following someone else's pattern, I can modify it with my own ideas.  It's all good.