Seeking Test Crocheters for a Mobius Cowl to crochet, with feather and fan variation

Worsted weight mobius in
Feather & Fan crocheted variation
Recently, a 100-gram skein of worsted weight alpaca ("Rockstar") suggested itself to me, and I decided to try something fun with it.  Mobius cowls, once you've done the twist, are satisfying, relatively brainless projects that make one look remarkably clever in the final product.  So I thought, why not a feather and fan mobius cowl?  So that's what I did, and it worked nicely for me, and I want to prepare the pattern for sale.

Writing the pattern stretched into six pages, including instructions for:

  • the mobius concept, 
  • foundation double crochet,
  • foundation stitch for the pattern stitch, and 
  • Crocheted Feather & Fan
    lace-weight mobius
  • the crocheted feather and fan pattern stitch.

Would you like to test the pattern?  

The pattern has lots of options and is written in a style that includes narrative sections to explain the idea along with standard stitch information.  The point is that the stitcher is free to choose what type of cowl to make.

Double crochet mobius in
variegated boucle yarn
If you have the time and inclination to give this a go, comment to this post with your contact email information - I won't post the comment, but I will contact you for the next step.

I am looking for a few people to work up some form of the pattern, as well as review and send comments on the pattern instructions so I can have feedback on my process.


I would like to test the pattern. I like the collar look on the scarf.
Thank you, Terrie, for your interest. This pattern was published over a year ago -- It isn't in the testing phase any more. It is available for sale in my etsy shop. I don't see your name in Ravelry, which is a great site for seeing all kinds of patterns.