Class Proposals for July 2015 Knit and Crochet Show

Bag Stitch is great for baskets
I just sent in my class proposals for next year's conference - it was like wandering around my booth from last July (but more organized).

Foundation Stitch Sampler
The classes cover foundation stitches, embellishment basics, crochet for knitters, tops/sweaters/pullovers (including side-to-side, top-down, and round 'n round constructions), stitching on the diagonal, baskets, samplers, and slippers/socks.

The Mobius class doesn't have a good photo right now -- maybe next year!

Crochet for feet
Almost all my classes are based on ideas described (at length) in this blog - what a blast it would be to do these hands-on!

This looks familiar, in a sideways way

Flowers are just the start; add gnurling,
corded fringe and Romanian cord

A Blox Top, on the Diagonal,
with shaped finishing
Round 'n round pullovers,
for dolls, for people

Samplers are great meditations 

Side-to-side construction


Unknown said…
Where and on what dates is the July 2015 knit and crochet show??
thanks! Anni