Home Again

The chaos of unpacking
Golly, what a great time!  Wonderful to see so many friends from way back - I did attend the first few Crochet Guild conferences and taught back in '97 or so - but that is just history.  Lots of encouragement to see my classes offered at San Diego next year.

The fishing-line net worked well on the side walls for hanging all kinds of samples.

Feedback from visitors helped define my ideas better.  Some people recognized my name from posts on Ravelry, which was cool.

I usually crochet with short hooks and had some to share with folks who hold the hook with their fingers rather than with their hands. Will any of them find it easier, or just different in a good way?  Or will it seem like a total non-issue?
There really is some order to this.

Shipping has its own language - freight and drayage and packages vs shipments and carriers and how to arrange for all of it - a whole learning curve right there.

This conference is put on by the knitting and crochet guilds - each a 501(c)(3) organization.  We're talking volunteers and committees here - lots of folks who do it because they love the crafts.  The atmosphere there is different from the Stitches conferences, which are bigger and more commercial.  It takes a huge amount of effort and attention to details to pull it off - it's amazing it happens at all!

Compliments to the people who did the yarn bombing:  it was tasteful and artful.  The scarves on the dog sculptures out front looked very appropriate.  The dream catcher ones were well done.  The garden creatures at the restaurant, among the plants, were delightful.

The hotel was very pleasant with helpful and friendly staff.

A week to get home (after visiting with family), then straight back to work (which has nothing to do with crocheting).  Finally the weekend let me unpack, get some sleep, and organize my thoughts.  Great to be home.  Even better to be planning the next step.  Onward!