Toddler Tip

Now that one of my little boys is a toddler, he wants to dress himself. But it takes a lot of practice, and the clothes don't always cooperate!

Naturally, I like to make him a lot of his clothes, especially his outerwear and socks. Turns out those hand-knitted socks are perfect for someone whose learning how to put on socks. Store-bought socks have elastic in the cuffs to keep them tight. While that's great for keeping socks from stretching out or slouching, the tight cuffs make it difficult for a toddler to get his foot into them! Handmade socks, on the other hand are much easier to put on.

That, and he likes having socks in his favorite colors.

Now, most of the time, when we need to go out, I can have my boy take care of putting on his socks and shoes while I get his brother ready to go. That saves me time and lets him feel like a big boy. That's good for Mom, and good for my boys! They might get outgrown quickly, but handmade socks for toddlers are well worth the effort to me!