I Love Frogs


No. Not those frogs (although I do think they're really cool).

These frogs.

I recommend making frogs out of crocheted Romanian cord (see this link for a tutorial). Make one piece of cord that's long enough for the knotted side and another that's long enough for the loop. Sew the two pieces into the shape desired, and then sew the newly made frog onto your garment. I recently did this with a sweater for my little boy. It was so easy. I made one piece that was long enough for me to tie a double knot in with about an inch left over on either side. Then I made a piece of cored that was as long as the loop needed to be plus an inch on either side. The excess inches I sewed together side by side and then sewed to the sweater. It's not fancy, and it didn't take me long, but it looks really cool, it works, it stays buttoned, and it's just as easy to wash as the rest of the garment. I used size 10 crochet cotton, and I think that gauge and material came out looking really clean and sharp.