A Note On Our Work

In all the rush we needleworkers enjoy as we race to the finish line on our projects, it can be easy to look past the process. It's addictively satisfying to finish projects. I love the feeling of completion I experience as I tuck in those final loose ends, fold up my project, and set it on its course of usefullness outside of my work basket.

When I make things for others, especially children, there is also often a deadline involved. My son's sweaters need to be completed before he outgrows them. And everyone knows the rush of gift-making, whether for holidays or birthdays or other occasions. We have to finish by a certain date. It's like crossing things off a to-do list.

However, at this point in my life, I have limited resources with which to work and I need to make those resources last. I have rediscovered the joy of savoring my needlework. And the savoring is enhanced by the limitations placed on my time by my son. When I stop to stitch, I may only have a few minutes, and I make the most of them. It's like enjoying fine, expensive chocolates: they are too expensive to indulge in all at once, so they have to be enjoyed in small doses.

I highly recommend it.