Needlework Update: Second Quarter

The second quarter of the year is in the bag, and here's how it went!

These were my stitching goals for the last few months:

  • Finish the Pentagranny Baby Blanket and make a few things for my new baby
  • Publish three more patterns
  • Start a blanket for my 3yo.
  • Turn a free pattern from this blog into a printable
  • Introduce some new merch to the Etsy store for Mother's Day
  • Finish the Ten-Stitch Hat
  • Start the Cabriole Baby Cardigan
I did indeed finish the Pentagranny Baby Blanket, and I made a couple other baby things.  However, one of those things was Carlin Romper, by Sheep Can't Knit or Crochet, and I'm pretty sure it isn't long enough for the baby, who arrived at the end of June. The other baby thing I made for her was the Cabriole Baby Cardigan, by Lisa Chemery, which was also my final goal in the list, and that came out beautifully.


I did not meet my pattern publishing goal. I only added two patterns in the last quarter: the Cabled Headband (knit) and the S2S Cabled Hat (crochet).  I do have two more patterns in the pipeline and close to completion, but the final weeks of pregnancy slowed me down, as they ought. Keep an eye out for new patterns soon!


About a month ago, I took my 3yo to Hobby Lobby to pick out colors for his new blanket (like this one, but in blues), and I recently got started on that project.  It's fairly brainless stitching, so it should go reasonably quickly. No photos yet.

I did not turn any free patterns into printables, so that's a goal to carry forward into this quarter. However, I did succeed in adding merch to the Etsy shop for Mother's Day. I added the SSK Mug and the Jolly Stitcher Women's T-shirt, in addition to updating the listings for the Jolly Stitcher mug and tote bag.


I did finish the Ten-Stitch Hat, by Frankie Brown, and you can read about that project here.  It was a fun one. This hat is now in my donation bag, along with three baby hats I made in the last month or so and a pair of Happy Feet Booties, by Purl Soho, which was another fun pattern to try.  I've also made a few bonding "squares" (they're all circles) for Today Is a Good Day, and I've also started a baby blanket to donate.



In addition to all that, I've made a pair of baby hats for a friend who I found out is expecting.  I used a pattern called Mishka, by Emilie Luis.

Unfortunately, my newborn requires some hospital care, and once that's done, a lot of my time will be dedicated to caring for a new baby, so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to accomplish in the stitching department for the next few months.  Nevertheless, here are my goals for the third quarter:
  • Publish three more patterns to the Etsy shop
  • Convert a free pattern from this blog to a pdf
  • Make at least half the blanket for my 3yo
  • Make a pair of Entrelac Booties for the new baby
  • Start working on the Patricia Kristofferson coaster set
  • Continue weekly charity stitching