More With Hexagons

A few weeks ago, I shared my experiment with modifying the Two Hexagon Sweater concept. At the time, I noted that it was a simplification of Elizabeth Zimmerman's famous Baby Surprise Jacket pattern.  

Since then, I happened across another one of Zimmerman's concepts, the Star Booties pattern. This one uses the same hexagonal shape as the Two Hexagon Sweater, but orients it differently to make a boot shape. Her version was knitted, but I decided to play with it in crochet.

In order to make the shape more wearable, I wanted the cuff to be shorter and to add some toe shaping. I also added eyelets to the base of the cuff, so that I can thread ribbon through it.

I shortened the front of the cuff by working that side in Single Crochet Lite. You can see the right side of that in the picture below. What I did not expect was that, when I folded down the cuff, those singles and chains looked a lot like doubles on their sides (picture at the top of the post). I'm not sure how that information might be useful elsewhere, but I'm keeping it in the back of my mind, just in case.

I wasn't as successful with this first attempt as I was with the baby sweater, but I certainly learned a lot to take with me into my next attempt. First, I'll reduce the number of stitches that make up the back of the cuff. I also want my increases to be more closed. I was on the right track with the toe shaping, but it didn't quite turn out how I wanted. 

Still, I'm happy with this prototype, and I'm looking forward to trying again. I think I also might try playing around with a knitted version, perhaps using modular construction?

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