Needlework Update: Second Quarter

I completely lost my needlework mojo for a good chunk of the last three months. These were my goals for this last quarter:

  1. Free patterns
  2. Baby gift
  3. 4 more patterns to sell
  4. Finish king size blanket
  5. Finish doily
  6. Weekly charity stitching 
Spoiler alert! I didn't accomplish any of them, but I made progress on most.

  1. Free Patterns:  The main free pattern I had in mind was a flag-themed Fair Isle cup cozy, and I did make and publish that.  There were one or two others I wanted to work on, and while I got started on formatting one, I still need to proof the pattern and photograph samples for it. 

  2. Baby Gift: I did not make the baby gift. That's still on my to-do list.
  3. New For-Sale Patterns: I completed two patterns in the last quarter, but I only published one. It took me forever to work up the motivation to do photos for these patterns.  I published the knitted Ocean Waves Cowl.  The other pattern I completed last quarter will be published next week, so stay tuned! 

  4. Finish the King Size Blanket: This goal was just overly ambitious.  I've finished all the squares for two of the four colors I'm using, and I've started on the third color, so the project is about halfway done, once you consider the finishing work at the end. But I've completed about 35 of the 56 planned squares

  5. Finish Doily: This unfinished doily has been hanging out in my stash for years.  I have it set out, waiting for me to work on it, but I still haven't picked it back up. 

  6. Weekly Charity Stitching:  I haven't done charity stitching every week, but I have made good progress on the Become a Dragonfly Baby Blanket I'm making to use up my fingering weight acrylic stash. It's a fun pattern, and I've learned some new techniques from the pattern.

For the third quarter of the year, here are my goals:
  1. Baby Gift: I do need to make a little something for my friend and her baby.
  2. Free Pattern: I want to publish the free pattern I started working on but haven't finished.
  3. For Sale Patterns: In addition to publishing the other pattern I finished last quarter, I want to get three more for-sale patterns published in the next few months.
  4. King Size Blanket: I want to finish the last 21 squares on this project. Finishing can wait for the fourth quarter.
  5. Doily: I want to get back to working on this. I don't think I'll finish it this quarter, but I'd like to get started in that direction.
  6. Weekly Charity Stitching: I'll continue with this.  The baby blanket I'm working on has a long way to go, so it will take a while. The samples for the free pattern will also be donated after I get the pictures taken.


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