Needlework Update: 1st Quarter

 Here are my stitching goals for 2022 that I listed out in my 2021 year-end wrap up:

  1. Publish 12 new patterns for sale this year, starting with 2 in January.
  2. Publish a few free patterns.  I have one on the back burner right now.
  3. Finish my lace gloves.  
  4. Finish the Endless Granny Square Baby Blanket I was making to donate. 
  5. Make the baskets I listed as a goal last quarter.
  6. Finish up a gift for some friends. It's a surprise, so no pics until I've given it to them.
  7. Make the Child's Truck Scarf pattern from Frugal Knitting Haus for my son's 4th birthday.
  8. Make a bedspread for my king size mattress. I selected 18 different 12" square patterns making a big sampler blanket. I also picked out colors.
  9. Make myself some socks.
  10. I'm going to do the Fairisle tutorial that I mentioned in my listed goals from my third quarter update.  This is something I've been thinking about for years, and it's time to get it done.
  11. Finish the Patricia Kristoffersen doily that's been hanging around forever. 
  12. Continue doing charity stitching every week.
Here's what I've accomplished in the first three months of 2022:
  • New Patterns--I've published four of my twelve patterns for this year.  I came into 2022 with the Woven Waves Hat and Braided Cables Hat ready to go.  I intended to publish Practical Crocheter's Random Stitch Crescent Scarf in February, but I didn't have it ready to go in time.  Instead, I published that at the end of March, and I published the Endless Coil Baby Blanket in February.  I hadn't originally planned that to be a pattern for this year, but it worked out that way.

  • Free Patterns--None yet so far.
  • Lace Gloves--I did finish my lace gloves, and just in time for a snow storm! The Autumn Leaves pattern (free on Ravelry) was well written and easy to follow, although I altered the shaping a bit to account for differences in row gauge.
  • Endless Granny Square Baby Blanket--I finished it, and then I published the pattern!
  • Baskets, Socks, Patricia Kristofferson Doily, Fairisle Tutorial--Haven't started on any of these yet.
  • Surprise Gift--I made a set of 2 sunflower potholders and 2 square potholders in the same colors for some dear friends.  The pattern (for sale on Ravelry) was fun to follow, and the recipients loved them!
  • Truck Scarf--I made the scarf, and my now-4yo loves it.  The pattern is for sale on Ravelry.  I made a slight change to the pattern by crocheted the tires instead of knitting them.
  • King Size Blanket--I have started on this project.  After making the first couple squares, I realized they were turning out 13 inches square instead of 12 inches, so I redid my math.  Now I'm making 4 each of 14 different patterns to make 56 squares. The patterns I've used so far have been a lot of fun.  This is a kind of crochet I usually don't do, so I've been learning lots of little things from these patterns I never would have thought of on my own. I've made about 13 squares thus far. I'll share photos and pattern links to the patterns I've used at the bottom.

Now, on top of all that, I have a few things to add:
  • I'm starting to give beginning crochet lessons at a local shop (it's a consignment shop that hosts various craft classes, not a yarn store).  The first project will be a single crochet cup cozy, and I made a sample.
  • A friend of mine is pregnant with a little girl and due in July.  I need to make something for the baby.
  • Last year, I made plain gloves for my oldest son.  He has requested a hat, and I still have plenty of the same yarn left, so I'm planning to make the First Tracks Beanie (free on Ravelry) for him.

Here are the patterns I've used so far on my blanket project.  All of them are written to include color changes.  I'm using one color per square, and I've adjusted each pattern accordingly.
No picture of this one yet!

I think I'm off to a good start for the year! So, here are my goals for the second quarter of 2022:
  1. Free patterns
  2. Baby gift
  3. 4 more patterns to sell
  4. Finish king size blanket
  5. Finish doily
  6. Weekly charity stitching 

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