Needlework Update: Third Quarter

 It's time to write another update on my various projects, so here we go!

  1. It might have taken over a decade, but I finally finished that cable and lace seaman's scarf!  It really felt good to get it done, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out!  
  2. I've finished and published my last three patterns for they year, so if you head over to the For Sale page on this blog or to the Stitch Whisper Designs Etsy shop, you will find a total of a dozen patterns for sale!  I'm also starting to plan what patterns we'll publish next year and how to market our fledgling catalogue. The newest three patterns are the Upside Down Hat, the Girl's Chevron Cloche, and the Hooded Scarf. I'm really pleased with how they all turned out. 

  3. Charity knitting continues apace.  I sent off 27 drawstring sacks for containing reusable feminine products to Girls 4 Ghana.  At this time, G4G plans to make that project an annual drive.  Since finishing that project, I've made a granny square baby blanket, a diagonal baby blanket, and finished the partially made baby hat that I wrote about in my last update.  

  4. On the topic of charity stitching, a month or so ago, I stopped by a local thrift store and happened across a box of multi-color granny squares made in sport weight acrylic.  I bought the box for a dollar. There were 81 squares and a little of the yarn they were made of.  I used the yarn that came with the squares to join them into a 9x9 blanket, and I'm using some yarn from my stash to edge them.  Judging from the way the squares were made, I suspect they were made by an elderly crocheter who had trouble keeping track of things.  Stitching everything together involved working around a lot of mistakes, and tucking in all the loose ends is going to be complicated because she didn't change colors in a way that was conducive to her stitching staying together.  Still, I'm confident that I can get it all to work, and the end product will be a cheerful, colorful baby blanket or lap robe for someone.  

  5. I have made no progress on searching for the pattern for my unfinished doily, so that UFO continues to wait.  I have other things I'd rather work on anyway, so it's ok.  

  6. I've added a few of the free patterns on this blog to the Ravelry database. 
  7. Ravelry had the Ravellenic Games, and I made a pair of fingerless gloves for that.  I use them as wrist supports when I knit or crochet if my wrist is sore.  

  8. I played around with Crazy Stitch, and came up with two variations on it: Open Crazy Stitch and Crazy Filet.  I made a baby blanket in Open Crazy Stitch, which is the diagonal baby blanket I made for charity, and a triangular scarf out of Crazy Filet.  Both were a lot of fun. 

  9. My third son requested thick socks he could wear to bed.  I made them in purple, at his request, because that's the color of Ender Dragon fire in Minecraft, and I added pointed dragon toes on the end of the feet, instead of traditional toe shaping. 

  10. Right now, I'm working on the Fiber Fish Mittens pattern, by Laurie Corriveau.  It uses mitered blocks on the cuffs to make the tail and entrelac for the hand, to look like fish scales.  This was a request from my second son, who shares my sense of humor. 

  11. In the final quarter of the year, I plan to 
    1. finish the charity blanket and fish mittens that are my current projects 
    2. make myself cabled mittens to go with my seaman's scarf 
    3. do some prep work to get a head start on next year's patterns 
    4. work more on the free patterns here on Stitch Whisper
    5. maybe work on a fish hat for my second son, to go with his fish mittens
    6. start working on the samples I need for a fairisle technique tutorial I've had in mind for a while (hoping to put that out there next year)
    7. I've been planning on some small crocheted baskets for a while, and I might get started on those as well.
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