The Year of the UFO

Here we are, at the end of 2019.  Like a lot of people, I'm thinking about my goals for 2020.  I want to get back to my routine, which was interrupted when I broke my arm in September.  Recommitting to good habits is a work in progress, but I'm getting there. I have a couple writing projects I want to finish this coming year.  Those are coming along nicely, and I'm pretty sure finishing them won't be a problem.  I'm trying to get back into the habit of regular exercise, too.  Although, in one case, the next step is in someone else's court. So most of my goals can be summed up as "Keep on moving."

One goal, though, is to start moving, rather than to continue. I am a knitter and crocheter, and like many needle workers, I have a growing pile of UFO's--UnFinished Objects.  However, I'm also a mom of five, a homeschool mom, and a crazy cat lady, so needlework usually only happens in dribs and drabs. My knitting and crocheting goals have to be modest, so my big goal for 2020 is to finish six UFO's:
  1. A girl's sweater in fingering weight acrylic that I started a decade ago as a charity project, but that would fit my daughter if I finished it.  I stalled out working on the first sleeve, and am now working on the second.  It will also need cuffs, collar, and plackets.  The general shape is similar to a bomber jacket. (crochet). 
  2. A twin size, granny square blanket in worsted weight acrylic that I started for my daughter over a year ago.  I made blankets for each of my first three children.  I would like to finish this one so that I can get started on one for the Chameleon. (crochet). 
  3. A boat neck baby sweater in fingering weight acrylic that I started this last year as a charity project.  The sweater is mostly done.  I need to do the trim, tuck in ends, and add buttons on the shoulders. This is ideally part of a secondary goal to start doing charity knitting one day per week. (crochet). 
  4. An Aran sampler blanket for me in worsted weight wool.  I started this one about four years ago, and I finished all the pieces, only to discover as I was piecing it together that I made one piece too long.  I think I can rearrange the remaining pieces so it will work out.  Unfortunately, a mouse nibbled on a few pieces in our last house, so this is partially a repair project.  I need to finish putting the pieces together, add a border, and tuck in the ends once the little holes are fixed. (knit). 
  5. A doily I started about six years ago with size 20 thread.  I started it as something portable to do during a move, and I made about half of it.  Then I put it aside, because I just didn't have the attention span to follow the pattern.  It's a pretty pattern and fun to do, so I'd like to finish it. (crochet, buried in a box, so no pic)
  6. A seaman's scarf I began in fingering weight merino in a tricky lace pattern about nine years ago only to discover that I didn't have enough yarn.  I decided to make the whole thing bi-color (one color on each side of the scarf), but I lost steam.  In the meantime, the yarn has become tangled, and the needles came out of it.  The big challenge for this project will be getting the whole thing back into a state where I can work on it. (knit, tangled up with other yarn, so no pic)
 What are your goals for the new year?  Any needlework goals?  Tell me about your UFO's.