Mittens that Stay Together

As a boy mom, I've learned that the cord holding a pair of mittens together is a vulnerable thing. If I simply crochet a chain between the two, it will be broken eventually.  If the cord isn't securely attached to both mittens, it is likely to come off of one or both. Last year, I made the cords "built in,"  and they held up beautifully.  This year, I'm repeating that construction for my daughter's mittens, and I thought sharing some photos might be useful.

After finishing the first mitten, I picked up three stitches on the edge of the cuff, below the thumb. 

I then made i-cord for the length that I needed between mittens.  I-cord is a narrow tube, usually of 3 or 4 stitches, knitted in the round on two double pointed needles. Since I picked up those stitches at the same place where I began knitting the mitten, I took the opportunity to enclose my loose ends in the I-cord.

Once the i-cord was as long as it needed to be, I made the three i-cord stitches the first three stitches of the second mitten, using a knitted cast on for the rest of the stitches.