Notes about a Ravelry post

A friend pointed me to a question on Ravelry about identifying a pattern stitch, because one response to the question suggested that the pattern stitch was crocheted, rather than knitted.  Here is the link to the post in question, which includes a couple of responses I made.  Here are pictures of the swatch I knitted, along with a picture of the original garment in question:

The original picture, from a gardening magazine
An enlarged picture of the fabric,
with apologies for the resolution

I knitted this swatch (starting at bottom, binding off at top)
to explore what the stitch might have been.

Enlarged picture of the pattern stitch at top of swatch.

Given the difference in resolution between the two pictures of the stitches, I find it easier to see how they are related by squinting a bit.  I do believe they are basically the same stitch.

The stitch I used was a very simple type of brioche:  over an even number of stitches, (knit 1, knit 1 in the stitch below) all the way across.  This is a one-row repeat, so the same row is repeated each row;  For this striping, change yarn every 2nd row.