Notes for basic caps to crochet, part 2

The caps are finished.  Got 3 caps, and they all fit me (medium, adult) just fine.  The yarn was 182 grams of KnitPicks Brava Sport, which comes in 100 gram balls of 273 yards each, according to the label.  I had a full ball and an almost-full ball.  I used a size G Boye hook, and the main stitch was half double crochet.

Doing the math:

1.82 x 273 yards = 496 yards for the 3 caps, or an average of 165 yards per cap.  The caps came out all about the same size.

What is interesting is that the Lion Brand chart of approximate yardage indicates that an adult cap should take 230 - 360 yards of sport/DK or worsted weight yarn to crochet an adult hat, or 225-275 yards to knit.  Way more yarn.  Hmm.

Nancy's Knit Knacks yarn yardage card suggests that a woman's knit hat would take 175 yards in sport or DK weight yarn, which is closer to what I got.

Clearly, Lion Brand wanted to err on the side of safety.

On to the next project!