Cable basket

The previous owner installed an invisible fence along the road.  The cable was in line with a row of privet bushes we planted, so it made sense for the cable to come out.  It lay in a pile, so I naturally thought, "This could be a basket."

It was a nice blue.

So I slip stitched it by hand - no hook - until there wasn't much cable left.  That became the handle.  It looked like it wanted to be a basket hanging on the inside door handle, to hold small-ish things to go out to the car.

Next time, I want the base to be more solid.  This needs a small mat - the bottom of the basket is a bit too open.

But it was a good try, I think, and took only about an hour to make.


Harper said…
Pick up stitches around the bottom in cotton and decrease in a coil to the center?