Random Stitch Crescent Shawl

The pattern of the stitches looks like it might
be a pattern, but it isn't

This is still my current favorite shawl pattern.

A while back, I made a sensible shawl (to the degree that shawls are sensible), using a chain-1 net stitch.  I liked the yarn, a worsted weight organic cotton, with flecks of other colors, green and gold especially.  I used a sensible size I hook (5.5 mm or so).

First try, a sensible stitch

But the finished piece didn't seem right.  The sensible pattern did not fit with the earthiness of the yarn.  It was boring. I wanted something for my shoulders for summer, kind of casual, funner.  So I reworked it, using a size L (8mm hook) in random stitch.
About the same size, in random stitch - much livelier.

Depending on what I wear it with, it can be draped different ways.  It works well over a sleeveless dress or over a camisole and jeans.  I like this version much better.

It can be cowl-ish..  In a worsted weight cotton,
it is much thicker than it would be in a
lace-weight, of course.
It can have a shawl-pin

It covers the shoulders and is long enough in the back


Mmatilda said…
What an interesting idea!