Rustic wool Aran-style sweater, done

Cardigan/jacket front

Cardigan/jacket back
It's always good to finish projects.  As this one got bigger, it was a home project, not a purse project, which limited some of the time I could focus on it.   But I like how it turned out.  Here are the front and back, with some close-ups of the stitch patterns.

One of these days, I will write up the pattern stitches because they aren't difficult.  They are so visual that I know what to do by looking at what was in the previous row.  The main tricky thing was combining the single-crochet based sleeves and side panels with the cables on a ground of double crochet -- every row in the body involved short rows, working 2 rows of the sc to each row of dc.

Center back panel

Side of front detail


Mmatilda said…
That is a stylish sweater!