Settling into the season

Talk about a year of learning!  Booths at Stitches West in February along with three local craft fairs since September have given me lots of information about what to do next:  The big challenges are to have finished pieces that are less expensive and to develop a pattern format that is not gauge dependent.  

I've been stitching that way all my life, but communicating it to an audience expecting something different is a challenge.  My next pattern may be the random stitch crescent shawl/scarf, since I've made a dozen of them this year in a bunch of different yarns.  Like most of my pieces, the concept pattern is available for free, but I need to charge money if people want something with pictures and more specific instructions.

As we approach 50,000 page views for, I see people from all over the world are checking us out.  My sock post has been hit well over 11,000 times, which is very nice.

I still haven't had time to organize my photos to add them to posts - too busy making things.