October update

I haven't gone this long between blog posts in a long time, but September was very full:  there was my first craft fair table, five days at the county fair, and then a knitting retreat, plus making more inventory for my next craft fair, coming up after Thanksgiving, and life in general.  Here are some posts I am working on:

1.  In joining motifs, the slip stitch join is very common, but I don't always like how it looks.  The slip stitch is generally done with the ws facing of the edge being joined.  Joining with a chain stitch instead is a good alternative - there is evidence to suggest that this is what was originally intended by the instruction to slip stitch.  The idea is to insert the hook into the space being joined on the adjacent edge, along with the live stitch, then making a chain stitch (yarnover and pull through all).  The rs of everything is facing all the time - no ws facing at all.  Pictures show the difference.

2.  I recently needed a pin for a lacy shawl and found that sewing together two large buttons, one interesting button to show and a plain flat button on the underside, did the trick nicely.  There are a lot of novelty buttons out there.

3.  Over two dozen Christmas tree ornaments, with a clever display tree, deserves a picture.

4.  Plus, I promised updated photos to clarify my previous post.

Need to make samples and photos ... with any luck, I will address these soon.