Entrelac in crochet

Two entrelac sweaters in crochet, a bit fuzzy photo
Some years ago I played with entrelac in crochet. Here are two sweaters I made that way.  The one on the left is out of DK weight yarn; the one on the right is out of worsted weight. Traditional entrelac in knitting makes a fabric that is a bit puffy because the blocks are in stockinette stitch, and knitting is like that. Garter stitch entrelac comes out flat.  Crocheted entrelac comes out flat, too.  These were done in single crochet. For each of these sweaters, each square has the same number of rows and stitches.  I chose a block size geared to the armhole depth I wanted.  Of course, the neckline was shaped by omitting blocks or half blocks.

To get a straight edge, I started with a row of triangles along the bottom.  For sweaters, this had the advantage of pulling in the bottom edge.  For an afghan, I might make the block fabric first, with the jagged edges, then fill in the edges afterward.

Annie's Attic had afghan patterns using the entrelac technique.  One really interesting one used a variety of stitches from single all the way to trebles, so the blocks were not square but formed scallops.  Annie did a lot of really creative crocheting.