Tip for Knitting Hoods

I recently came across a store-bought knitted baby sweater with a hood, and it had an excellent idea built into its construction.

The sweater itself was in stockinette stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row--the knit side is the right side), but stockinette curls in on itself--a problem faced by all knitters.  On a knitted hood, however, the problem of curling looks particularly awkward in the finished product.

The sweater I found side-stepped this difficulty by having the hood in reverse stockinette (same as stockinette, but with the purl side facing out).  Oriented in this way, the curling becomes an attractive design element and frames the face.

Since this fix can be applied to any stockinette hoodie pattern simply by attaching the hood "wrong" side out, it is easily adapted for hand knitting.

Sorry I don't have a picture.  The sweater is black, so it does not photograph well.