Thinking about crocheted socks a little more

Recently, Interweave Crochet has featured crocheted socks, especially a design very similar to the Better Mousetrap Sock that was in their Knits magazine a few years ago. That pattern intrigued me when it came out, and not long ago, I made one sock each out of the same yarn using the Better Mousetrap concept and my own toe-up standard pattern. I rather like the look of the vertical one better. While I prefer the look of the vertical sock, I do not like the process of making it so much -- I had to restart the sock three times before getting the gauge right. Working a sock vertically requires having the gauge right, from the start, or the heel won’t be in the right place. Working the sock from the toe up is much more forgiving because you simply measure and make the hole for the afterthought heel when you get there. Both socks are made with a chain-2 net stitch, using a 3mm hook and Patons sock yarn. On the toe-up sock, I use a more solid stitch for the heel and toe: alternating single and double crochets, working the single into the double of the previous round, and the double into the single. The fabric for the two socks looks different because the toe-up is worked in rounds, and the vertical sock is worked in rows.