Yarn department at the hardware store

Sometimes when the lys seems just a bit too warm and fuzzy, I am drawn to the local hardware store, and their yarn department. There is twine, string, and rope. In the sporting goods section, there is also fishing line, but that is for another day. Twine is great for hats (hatband is a necktie from the thrift store; lining is a cotton handkerchief tacked in place) and faux loofahs (lower right). I have also tried it to make a floor mat, but it was a lot of work and still has kinks in the design. Thin rope was great for a basket to hold fresh fruits and veggies in the fridge -- easier to get to than the drawers, so more likely I will eat them before they go bad. The more yellow part on the bottom of the basket shows that dye lot really does matter: the first batch of rope was an old bit I bought at a thrift store eons ago. And nylon string (the pink thing on the lower left) makes a really sturdy, stretchy net bag for shopping. Just a few ideas from the hardware store.