It's Time...

In today's tough times, many of us can't just go yarn shopping whenever we feel uninspired by our own stash. And I know I often find myself at a loss when I try to think of things to make for myself, my family, or my home. I already have stuff, and I don't need any more!

So I think this is a good year to recommit to charity knitting. There are so many great charities out there, with so many different needs, we should all be able to find something to do!

Have some luscious, left over, luxury yarns? Make a striped cap for chemo patients. Have some inexpensive, machine washable yarn you don't know what to do with? Make some baby things for a charity benefiting preemies or single moms. This is also a great way to try out those fun patterns that we bought, but don't have a purpose for at the moment. There's no more need to wait!

So here are a couple resources:

Interweave Knits has an extensive list of charities. Find one whose mission appeals to you or one that's local!

And if you want something a little more personalized, Craft Hope finds specific needs and asks people to fill them.

Let's all take this year to build communities and relationships.