Design Elements

It's a common joke among needle workers that there are no mistakes only design elements. There are a lot of short cuts, too. Often, if you don't know how to do something, you can find a way around it.

Socks are a great example. If you don't want to use double pointed needles, there are ways to use circulars. If you don't want to do short rows, you can make tube socks or use the "afterthought heel."

Once, I was working on some baby socks for a friend and I didn't have a darning needle to close up the toe when I was done. I figured out that Kitchener is not absolutely necessary--you can work around it. If you decrease the toe just like you would the top of a hat and gather the remaining stitches, it works just fine. In that case, it came out cuter than originally planned, because I only decreased three stitches in each round, making a pointed toe.