Stitches West

Practical Crocheter and I went to the Stitches West market on the 28th. While we didn't get there until the afternoon, it was nice to walk around the market, see vendors we look forward to seeing every year and a few new faces as well.

We always enjoy looking at the unusual offerings of Habu. I particularly enjoy working with their Silk and Steel blend. It adds a beautiful, if subtle, texture to lace weight mohair, and gives thin yarns some substance and weight. While a lot of Habu's yarns are just silk, they also specialize in unusual fibers, such as kenaf and pineapple. It's always fun to see what new things they are experimenting with this year.

We also make a point of going to the Newton's Yarn Country booth. They carry mill ends of a wide variety of yarns, so one can always find a good deal.

But what really makes stitches fun is seeing all of the hand dye companies. The colors are almost overwhelming, and you get to see small companies represented that you don't usually find at your lys.