I like floor cushions. I like to make floor cushion. My favorite (in other words, most brainless) way to make them is to crochet eight solid granny squares, each half the width of the cushion, sew them together with four per side, weave fringe through the increase points, and stuff it. I think it turns out rather nicely, as does the cat.

However, stuffing material can be difficult to work with in knitting or crocheting, especially if you don't want to spend money (or effort on making) a pillow form. Unless you use a smaller gauge, and probably avoid crochet all together, the stuffing or batting can eventually squish out the sides. And, even if that isn't a problem, either material will eventually shift and bunch in strange areas. Well, here is a solution that solves all these problems, and is washable!

I've been keeping an eye out in the local thrift stores for large bath towels that I could fold and use in place of batting. I still think that would work well, except nobody gets rid of large bath towels, apparently. But a little while back, I found one of those big comforters that they use in hotels--looks like a quilt on one side, but is completely unfinished on the other. It was huge, and it was $1.50. Anywhere else in the country, and it probably would have been even cheaper. After I took it home and washed it, it looked like this:

I cut off a strip of the stuff that was as wide as my cushion and about four times as long, folded it with the unfinished side facing out, stuffed it into the cushion, and sewed the cushion shut. The cushion is wonderful, and it's more comfortable (not to mention cheaper) than the other one I made that is stuffed with quilt batting!