Let me introduce myself. I'm Harper, and it's a pleasure to meet all of you--well, maybe not meet, but open the conversation.

Between enjoying time with my husband and family, playing the harp, working, and working on my degree in psychology, I enjoy both knitting and crocheting. While I do work from patterns on occasion, I mostly use my own designs, many of which I have self-published. My mother (a fellow designer) taught me to crochet in childhood, and I taught myself to knit at thirteen. Since I get bored easily, I rarely make plain things in knitting. Usually, my plain things are crocheted, and I reserve knitting for lace and cables.

In any case, this blog is meant to be interactive. I worked in a yarn store for several years, and was active in local guilds for even longer, so I have lots of experience answering needlework and fiber questions. While I will select topics to write about on my own, I am extremely eager to hear from others and help you mull over the things you are interested in or about which you have questions. I also want to make this blog a forum for you, dear readers, to sing the praises of your favorite yarns stores, magazines, websites, blogs, and of course-yarns!

I hope to hear from you soon. You'll certainly be hearing from me!